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5 Disadvantages of PBX that Hurt Your Business

Disadvantages of PBX
For an increasing number of businesses, the premise-based PBX model is a notion of the past. There are several reasons why not upgrading and switching to Hosted PBX can actually hinder the performance of your business. 

PBX Disadvantage #1 - Customer Service is Handicapped

"88% of consumers prefer dealing with a company with strong customer service than one with the hottest, most innovative product offerings." 
Can your current system answer these important customer service questions?
  • How long are your customers waiting on hold to speak with a representative?
  • How many times are they being transferred?
  • How many customers are hanging up before they ever reach a representative (and therefore calling your competitor)?
  • Do you have a rude customer service representative?
If you have a premise-based PBX then you probably don't know the answer to any of these questions. Let's face it, a premise-based PBX just does not have all the customer-care enriching features that Hosted PBX provides. Features like Call Queue Statistics, Call Recording and Real Time Operator Panel will greatly improve how your business addresses your customers' needs. This will result in happier, better-served customers. 

PBX Disadvantage #2 - More Downtime

Premise-based PBX systems are what are known as "Single Points of Failure". A single point of failure is a part of a system, which if it fails, will stop the entire system from working. This is not a good thing. To make matters worse, when it fails you must wait for your vendor to drive to your site with a spare, which can take days. The PBX vendor often cannot afford to stock spares of every make and model of PBX that they sell. This means you may be unable to place or receive calls while a circuit board is being shipped. We have seen this happen countless times!
With Hosted PBX your service will be securely established with redundancy at virtually every step of the call path. You'll be using the exact same service that our Emergency Service customers use. If it's reliable enough for Police Departments and Ambulance Companies surely it's reliable enough for you. It is thanks to these redundant measures that Monmouth Telecom was able to provide Hosted PBX Service uninterrupted through Hurricane Sandy.

PBX Disadvantage #3 - Less Features at a Higher Price

A premise-based PBX system costs more than a Hosted PBX and delivers less. This is probably the number one reason for the clear trend in business communications moving toward VoIP and the cloud. Hosted PBX will always be more cost-competitive than premise-based PBX, without sacrificing on quality or features. Business VOIP phone service and Cloud Technologies have enabled service providers to serve business phone systems in a more economical way than the traditional premise-based PBX. Businesses that are not taking advantage of these savings and benefits do so at their own peril.

PBX Disadvantage #4 - Complications and Headaches

The only thing worse than stress is unnecessary stress. Who wouldn't appreciate a more seamless and less stressful telecommunications solution? 
With a premise-based PBX, if there is a problem with your service you are left having to mediate between your PBX vendor and your phone company. Cue the endless tech jargon and finger pointing. The PBX vendor says the issue is the phone company's fault, the phone company says everything checks out on their end, and that it must be the PBX's fault.
With Hosted PBX from Monmouth Telecom you'll only have one throat to choke. The buck stops here. Simply email or call our customer support team and that's it, our highly trained professionals will take care of the rest!

PBX Disadvantage #5 - Restrictions and Scalability Limitations

Adding and removing phones on a premise-based PBX is not only a hassle but it is also inherently limited. Any given premise-based PBX can only support a set number of phones. If your company grows and adds a new location you'll have to buy an additional PBX. Chances are that the PBX you bought originally is now slightly out of date, which means you'll need to buy a different PBX for the new location. Before you know it you have a hodge podge of different systems to maintain. With a premise-based PBX it's almost like you're setting up your company to not grow.
Hosted PBX on the other hand is highly scalable. There is no limit to the number of phones or office locations you can add. Hosted PBX is very flexible and promotes hassle-free growth and expansion to your company.

Recap of the Disadvantages of PBX

The premise-based PBX model:
  1. Handicaps customer service
  2. Is a single point of failure which means more down time
  3. Is more expensive, less useful
  4. Is more complicated and stressful
  5. Is more restrictive, doesn't scale
The premise-based PBX model was OK before there was an alternative. Now that Cloud-Based services like Hosted PBX have arrived there is really no good reason to continue hampering the flexibility and potential of your business.
Would you like to see how Hosted PBX can help your business?

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