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Legacy Individual Telephone Lines Terms & Conditions

All Calls billed in six second increments with a six second minimum.  (excluding International)

 In the event of early termination, customer will be required to pay fixed charges for remaining length of contract. The balance of your account will accrue interest at a rate of one and one-half percent (1½%) per month.

Payment for services is made on a monthly basis. Payment is due on receipt with customer’s payment to be received by Monmouth Telecom not later then the earlier of the 20th day of the billing month or 15 days from the date of transmission of electronic notification that the invoice is available on Monmouth Telecom’s web site. An act of default accelerates payments to be due at once, and any type of credit is no longer extended.  In the event Monmouth Telecom finds it is necessary to send your account to an outside agency or attorney’s office due to the delinquent status of your account, a fee of Thirty Percent (30%) will be added to the balance due.  If Monmouth Telecom has to institute suit in a court of law to recover any monies due under this contract, the customer shall pay all fees and court costs in addition to the attorney’s fees mentioned above.  Your balance will still accrue interest at one and one-half percent (1½%) per month of the unpaid balance until the account is paid in full.  This policy will be strictly enforced.  If you are not able to meet our payment terms, please do not apply for services.  If customer requests to be reactivated within 5 days after deactivation, all outstanding charges including a restoration fee of $200.00 per line will be due in advance.  Reactivation of service could take up to 2 weeks.

 If Verizon provisions this service on fiber, customer is responsible for any needed backup power.

If customer needs to relocate (move) service(s) to another location, installation fees will be determined on an individual case basis (ICB).

The contract, when it reaches maturity, shall automatically renew itself for a period equal to the initial contract term and shall continue to renew automatically with the same terms and conditions as specified on the Monmouth Telecom UNE-P Agreement. 

Any Verizon lines that have line share will remain with Verizon.

Local Service Provider Freeze shall be placed on all lines that are migrated to Monmouth Telecom and shall remain on for the full term of the contract.

Customer is responsible for the demarc extension, which is the wiring from Verizon’s minimum point of entry to the location of the Customer’s telephone system, if needed.

Monmouth Telecom reserves the right to revert an unlimited plan to per-minute if the usage pattern is unusually high.

Letter of Authorization: Monmouth Telecom will act as Customer’s authorized agent for all matters related to obtaining service records and to the provisioning of local and long distance telephone communications services associated with all Customer’s Billed Telephone Numbers.

A 30-day written cancellation notice is required from the customer to cancel service.

The contractual date starts from the 1st day of service. 

There is a $50.00 minimum billing charge per month.

Does not include any construction charges that may be required to complete installation. The Customer is responsible for any/all construction that may be required to complete the installation.

Line Charge $32.00 

Per Minute Rates applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

Does not include SLC ($11.14/month), LNP, PICC, USF, State and Federal Taxes.

Legacy Services that are more complicated than the standard lines listed above, may be resold based on the Verizon tarrif plus 20%.

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