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Call Queues for Hosted PBX

Call Queues are an indispensable component of a business telephone system. They are great ways to manage large call volumes.  If you are using call queues, you already know this. If you are not using call queues, read the following two scenarios.

  1. There are multiple employees (agents in queue-speak) who are assigned to handling calls of a specific type. You may even have preferences for which agents should handle calls first. For instance, one agent is the senior agent and that agent should always take an incoming call when available. The other agents should only handle overflow calls. 
  2. There are sometimes more callers than you have agents to handle the call.  If this situation arises, the most efficient solution is to place your callers into call queues and then distributing the callers to agents when they become available. 

If this sounds like your business, implement call queues now!

    You have probably experienced the alternative.  You call a business and the receptionist answers the phone:

    Hello, Company XYZ, Can you hold please?

    This is a red flag that a call queue is needed.  Once you have set up your call queues you will be ready to start measuring and optimizing their performance with our Call Queue Statistics.  Use our Call Queue Statistics to take control of your incoming calls and your customers' experience.

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