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Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX in NJ
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Hosted PBX / Virtual PBX

The Business Phone System in the Cloud

Monmouth Telecom is a New Jersey Based Internet Service Provider and Local Telephone Company. We have built a Hosted Business Phone System you can rely on. Learn more about how Hosted PBX can help your business.

Fiber Internet and Data

Mission Critical High Speed Data

We provide Business Internet Service offerings all the way up to 1 Gigabit per second! Monmouth Fiber Internet Service and T1 Services support both voice and data and can be quickly and easily upgraded. 

Cloud CRM

Bring your Customers Closer

Managing your employees and their interactions with your customer base has never been easier until now! Our Customer Relations Management Software cuts out the complexity and keeps you on track with your goals.

Featured Success Stories

Torcon Construction"Monmouth Telecom has met and exceeded our criteria with a demonstrated flexibility and a high level of technical support in addressing our various voice and data requirements." - Sal Scafidi

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Hi-Tech Health"... we made the switch to Monmouth Telecom Hosted PBX. Now our main office, our home offices and our smart phones are all tied together and we have the flexibility to be productive from anywhere." - Michael Carrara

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Ocean First Bank"When hurricane Sandy hit, our primary Voice provider was knocked out of service for several days. We quickly re-routed our traffic to Monmouth Telecom, who provided us with continuous service throughout the storm." - David Williams

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World Family of Dealerships"The people at Monmouth Telecom are very responsive to our business needs as an Auto Dealership and have found ways to tailor our Hosted PBX system to enable us to be more productive." - Kenny Schwartz

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"Nick San Filippo (right) thanks Keith Fallon of Monmouth Telecom for making possible a quick transition from the agency’s regular phone line service to an emergency back-up line." 

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"Monmouth Telecom has a brilliant team of customer support reps, Tech support Reps, and awesome sales staff."- Robert Tebbs

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Press Release

Oct. 27, 2016

Press Release

Monmouth Telecom has completed the activation of a 600+ extension Hosted PBX system for LG Electronics

Instructional Videos

May 26,2016

Instructional Videos Now On YouTube!

Monmouth Telecom has produced some informative video guides on the functionality and use of several of the products and features we now offer. Head over to the Monmouth Telecom YouTube Channel to start watching!

Call Recording Now Available on the Mobile App!

August 28, 2015

Call Recording Now Available on the Mobile Application!

In today's fast-paced world, more and more important phone conversations are taking place while you're on the go. Cell service, distractions, and other factors can detract from key points of an important conversation. Customer's can now utilize the full functionality of the Call Recording Feature with the Monmouth Telecom Mobile Application so no conversation is ever forgotten or mistaken again!

Monmouth Telecom’s Mobile Application

February 4, 2015

Take Your Extension With You

When You’re on the Go!

The introduction of Monmouth Telecom’s Mobile Application is a game changer for customers utilizing the Hosted PBX Service. With a simple Mobile Data Friendly design, you can take control of your Hosted PBX Extension from anywhere with your mobile device.

Workgroups Empower Managers


October 18, 2013
Monmouth Telecom has released the powerful new feature for Hosted PBX called Workgroups. Workgroups are directed at large organizations with multiple departments and/or branch offices. Segmenting the phone system into workgroups allows for each department to customize the system, for their own organization, while having the assurance that other departments or branch offices will not be impacted.

New Ways to Connect with Monmouth

Monmouth Telecom has started releasing updates through several new channels. We have been publishing information on our new features, product announcements, and general news. You can follow us to receive these updates in a number of ways.


Irene, Sandy... What's Next?

Our Knowledge Center has an article on Planning for Disruptive Weather Events. Call us to have a telecom specialist help your business plan for ever increasing harsh weather, power outages, and communications disruptions. Monmouth Telecom thanks our Network Operations Team for its tireless and continuous customer support during and after Hurricane Sandy.


New CTI Feature for Hosted PBX - Click To Dial

Monmouth Telecom released a Mozilla Firefox Add-On which enables Hosted PBX users to click any telephone number on a web page, and automatically dial that telephone number. This Add-On is completely free for users with Hosted PBX.


Monmouth Telecom's New Corporate Web Site

Monmouth Telecom Launched its new web site. People in all departments at Monmouth Telecom have contributed to our new site and we are happy to hear feedback on what we can do to make the site more helpful to you.


Monmouth Telecom

Founded as an Internet Service Provider in NJ in 1995, Monmouth Telecom has grown to offer a complete set of innovative and economical Business VoIP Phone Services and Business Internet Services.  We were NJ's first Internet Service Provider turned Telephone Company in 2000 and in 2006 we began providing businesses with increased functionality using VoIP. Learn more about Who We Are and how Hosted PBX / Virtual PBX is changing the face of business telephone service.

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